Thin From Within – Joseph J. Luciani PhD

Tired of endless dieting? Not getting results that last? It’s time to change your relationship to food and change the way you look – for life!

Thin from Within explores the emotional triggers and ingrained behaviors driving overindulgence. It offers you powerful cognitive tools that will retrain your brain along with simple self-coaching techniques proven to break self-sabotaging cravings, compulsions, and emotional eating. These strategies will turn healthy eating into an effortless process of ongoing weight mastery. Thin from Within will make it easier than you ever imagined for you to lose those extra kilos for good.

I personally found this book to be helpful, even after maintaining long term weight loss. It reminds you, you’re in control. You’re just lying to yourself if you continue with the same habits that got you into a negative weight spiral in the first place. You need to read/listen to the full book to get the most out of it.