Claire in Queenstown 2013, two years after I lost all that weight.

About Claire


This picture was taken when I had given up on myself and as you can see my nephew Alex was not my biggest fan at that time either. I was the heaviest I had been, but I had stopped weighing myself when I got to 97kg. The clothing I had on, along with one set of work clothing were the only items that would fit me. I had stopped going out and lost control of my life.

The Journey Begins.......

The Journey Begins…….

In 2010 I lost more than 25kg of body fat and have kept it off after spending many years’ yo-yo dieting. The real change had happened, once I had made a real commitment to my health.

I felt younger, sexier, more agile, more attractive, more powerful and proud of my achievement. I was going to a personal trainer once a week and tried new things, yoga, boxing and Zumba. I was still doing normal things like walking, cycling and swimming, but now I was doing activities to have fun and to meet people! I was enjoying life with family and friends, having fun.

After that change, alone came one I was not expecting. After discovering a lump in my throat I had my thyroid removed in 2014.  This bought new challenges and change, it was more important than ever to listen to my body and do what it needed.

IMG_9269-2This is me 10 days after surgery. You can see the scar it’s not so visible now, but I’m proud of it. For me a good thing has come from an unexpected place.

This marked a big decision. Following my dream of becoming a personal trainer to help others. I loved being involved with people, now I wanted to help them to achieve their goals. To help them to improve their lives and well-being.

After reading the “China Study” by Dr T Campbell and a huge amount of other nutritional material I decided to become a Vegan 2015.

Another book that made a difference for me maintaining my weight was “The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business” by Charles Duhigg. This book helped me explore why it was so hard for me to change the bad habits I had created.Power of Habit

I have worked for Keep Active Halswell a group working with seniors and physical activity for mentally impaired. This has given me a wonderful insight into the importance of being active though out your whole life to stay agile, healthy and to keep independence. It’s never too late to start moving!!

Life is full of challenges and change, let me inspire and encourage you to reach your true potential.

Qualifications: Level 5 fitness certificate from CPIT, Metafit Instructor, Sports Conditioning Certificate. Interest in dietary needs.